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As restaurant owners, BP franchisees have a lot to do. Worrying about every detail of financial reporting takes valuable time and makes it harder to concentrate on the big picture of their business.

The CFO Incorporated suite of accounting services are becoming increasingly popular among Boston Pizza franchisees. They tell us they appreciate the timeliness of reporting and the accuracy of analysis we bring to their businesses.

CFO Incorporated is proud to name this leading brand among our key accounts, and we look forward to many more years of helping them grow.

“The reporting that CFO Incorporated produces is the best I’ve ever seen. I have been reviewing income statements for Boston Pizza for 17+ years and I wish we would have had access to this service years ago.”
Darcy McNeil, Regional Business Manager, Boston Pizza International Inc.

Report Menu:

FlashDaily: Sales and sales mix with a focus on results. Cash balance, over or shorts for the day and promo sales.

Dashboard: Weekly reports highlight sales by category and margin trends. KPI’s and Best Practice targets are established and a sales trend analysis highlights variances from budgets, prior years and best practices.

ExecSummary: Prepared monthly. Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Sheets, Break-Even Analysis, Sales summaries, Detailed Margin analysis, Benchmarks and Comparative analysis.

Key benefits for Boston Pizza Owners:

  • One-source bookkeeping, accounting and advisory services
  • Next-day reports let management respond quickly to changes
  • Key Performance Indicators highlight opportunities for savings and profit
  • Analytics combined with BP-specific experience help identify patterns and issues
  • Data translates into action plans for quick results
  • More time for the things that really matter to your business!