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CFO Incorporated can help. We get to know your business and help handle everything in your accounting inbox.

CFO Bronze Package
Your bookkeeping worries are over. This is an introduction to the CFO Incorporated worldwide team of professionals who are ready to assist you in improving your business. Services provided under this plan include monthly bank reconciliations, payroll, HST/GST/PST/RST reporting, account payable processing with monthly cheque runs, and monthly financial statements.

CFO Silver Package
All the above, plus: CFO Incorporated provides insight and accountability to your management, through an interactive Management Dashboard. Action Plans for your team highlight areas in which improvements can be made for stronger profits.

CFO Gold Package
All the above, plus: Welcome to the world of CFO Incorporated focused management services. Your business is reviewed regularly by a senior Chartered Accountant and his team who are dedicated to a model of continuous improvement.

PLUS: BONUS SERVICES for Business Owners Including Tax Returns, Estate Planning and MORE.

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Fresh Reporting – Our daily, weekly and monthly specials

Our web-based system puts reports in your hands wherever you want them, on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

FlashDaily: Sales and sales mix with a focus on results. Cash balance, over or shorts for the day.

Dashboard: Weekly reports highlight sales by category and margin trends. KPI’s and Best Practice targets are established and a sales trend analysis highlights variances from budgets, prior years and best practices.

ExecSummary: Prepared monthly. Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Sheets, Break-Even Analysis, Sales summaries, Detailed Margin analysis.